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These are the tools I use for web development and design.
Creative Tools
  • figma small thumbnailFigma
  • webflow small thumbnailWebflow
  • adobe ps small thumbnailAdobe PS
  • adobe xd small thumbnailAdobe XD
  • adobe il small thumbnailAdobe Il

Front-end Tools
  • html5 small thumbnailHTML5
  • css3 small thumbnailCSS3
  • bootsrap small thumbnailBootstrap
  • javascript small thumbnailJavascript
  • jquery small thumbnailjQuery
  • json small thumbnailJSON
  • nodejs small thumbnailNodeJS
  • python small thumbnailPython
  • reactjs small thumbnailReactJS
  • redux small thumbnailRedux
  • nextjs small thumbnailNext JS
  • vuejs small thumbnailVue JS
  • django small thumbnailDjango
  • typescript small thumbnailTypeScript

Build / Back-end
  • npm small thumbnailNPM
  • webpack small thumbnailWebpack
  • gitbash small thumbnailGitbash
  • github small thumbnailGithub
  • express small thumbnailExpress
  • mongodb small thumbnailMongoDB
  • graphql small thumbnailGraphQL
  • firebase small thumbnailFirebase
  • heroku small thumbnailHeroku
  • seo small thumbnailSEO


"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."- Benjamin Franklin -
web application development cetificate
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Web Application Development

University of Londonthru Coursera - July 2019
server side development with nodejs certificate
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Server-side Development with NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technologythru Coursera - September 2018
responsive web design certificate
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Responsive Web Design

University of Londonthru Coursera - May 2019
responsive website basics certificate
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Responsive Website Basics

University of Londonthru Coursera - July 2018

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