a mobile app for tasks listing.

List-It Hero Mockup 900x675

Project Overview

List-It is a mobile application project for android phones. It is designed to allow users to record all their tasks. One key note that I would like to highlight in this applicati0n is that it has a feature of backing up all task you had done in the past. Meaning, if you want to go over your last month's productivity, you can just go over the history without losing any data that you have.

This app is built using React Native with Firebase as a cloud-server for realtime data fetching. It is very fast and light weight application that anybody can use for their daily tasks.





Designer & Developer

Aiman Adlawan

Technologies Used

React Native
Rest API
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator

API's Used

There are hundreds of stock images apis available over the internet. The Pexels API is the best api for this project. It is so easy to use and has an awesome documentation. It has thousands of photos in their database and supports multiple media size downloads.

Sketch & Wireframes

A sketch draft of list-it routesa list-it paper sketch draft for bas
  • The entire application has two main pages, one is for user authentication, the other one is for users list-it page.
  • When a user signs up, the user will be redirected to list-it page where all this lists are shown.
  • Users also have an option to save a list which is saved to a backup, or remove a list which will be removed in his record.

Designs & Layouts

book-worm designs and layout sample
  • The over goal of the design is to make it look like the user is writting on a piece of paper so light colors are chosen.
  • Slide Gesture Tabs for each list are also added for the user to easily modify each eatry of list they want to change.
  • A separate new list button specifically added in the middle for users to easly add new list.

Sample Screens

a screen shot of list-it launch screen
a screen shot of list-it screen
a screen shot of list-i detail screen

Project Links

The links below will direct you to launch the app or view project's source codes and design.

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